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The Ecological Benefits of Vinyl Fencing: USA Vinyl Running in “Green” Mode

There is no doubt that the USA Vinyl Fence Company is committed to producing the best quality and value, but we are also focused on the ecological impact of our product and our operations. Our vinyl fencing and privacy fencing products are a far better choice than wood and other materials when it comes to both short-term and long-term impacts on the environment. In addition, USAVinyl’s manufacturing facility runs in “Green” mode and everything that is recyclable is recycled. We recycle and reuse everything from our vinyl extrusions, computer paper, aluminum inserts and even our router bits. We take steps to improve our facility’s energy consumption, by upgrading our insulation, heating and cooling, and painting our roof white to reduce heat transfer. We take pride in being part of the solution rather than the problem!

Over the years plastic has been seen as a major problem for the environment. However, Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC which is what our Vinyl Fencing is made of) cannot be grouped into the overall “Plastic Grouping” because it is not made from 100% natural fuel (as is most plastic) and the manufacturing process is different. PVC is made from a combination of crude oil, natural gas and 60% chlorine derived from common salt. This makes vinyl one of the most energy-efficient materials in production. In addition, there is very little fossil fuel used in the making of vinyl so there is very little carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere during manufacturing. A large percentage of the plastic products made today are not recyclable whereas vinyl is fully recyclable and can be recycled over and over again for items such as hoses, road barriers, etc. Wooden fences (with proper care and upkeep) will be replaced 6 or 7 times and still not meet the life of 1 vinyl fence.

When we start thinking in terms of using a wood fence versus vinyl fencing, the first thought for most people is that wood must be better because it’s natural. On the contrary, vinyl fencing has many environmental advantages over wood fencing. Vinyl’s durability is a major environmental benefit because the longer a product lasts; the less energy and other resources need to be used to replace it. A wood fence will be replaced over and over to get the same life span that a vinyl fence will give. There is a great deal of harvesting and destruction of trees to replace this fence. In addition, trees are a dying resource so they begin rotting the day they are cut and continue the rotting process as a fence. For this reason, it takes a great deal of toxic chemicals over the years to prolong the life of the fence. Vinyl Fencing, on the other hand, needs only water and possibly a little soap to keep the fence looking great. It requires no toxic pre-treatment for outdoor lumber, no annual stains or paint and no harsh chemicals and preservers that leach into the ground. Not only is it expensive to maintain wood but it also has a potential for ground contamination from the toxic and deadly chemicals used to preserve the fence.

USAVinyl Fence Company will always operate in an environmentally responsible way and rest assured when you purchase from USAVinyl Fence Company, you are receiving the best vinyl fencing made – period.