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   How to buy and estimate cost for Vinyl Pergolas

How to buy and estimate cost for Vinyl Pergolas by The USA Vinyl Fence Company

Print the schematic to the left to get familiar with the parts. The industry cannot even agree on the difference between vinyl pergolas, vinyl arbors, and vinyl trellises let alone the pieces and parts, so we need to first make sure we are talking about the same terms. The print shows our Bradenton™ vinyl pergola, but the terms are similar for The Weston™ single beam vinyl pergola.

Our Pledge

When you buy your Outdoor Living Products through USAVinyl, you can rest-assured that you'll have all the parts you need to complete your project. We take the time to work with you by phone, and inspect all orders before they ship to make sure you've ordered what you'll need to complete your project the right way. You Can Install Your Vinyl Pergola or Vinyl Gazebo in a Day or Less and Start enjoying your new Outdoor Living Space That Evening! Typically, a screw gun and some other common tools are all that are needed for most installations. Most of our pergolas and gazebos are much easier to install with two people. Most parts are not very heavy, but they are long enough that having an extra set of hands will be very helpful. Our step-by-step illustrated instructions are simple and clear. Below, we will focus on Vinyl Pergolas, which are our most popular outdoor living product - please call us with any other questions and most products have links to the installation instructions.

Planning Your Project

1. Is your Pergola Attached or Free Standing? Will the rafters be attached to a wall of your house or other building? If so, you will need to order an attached pergola. Our Free Standing pergolas are installed on concrete (or poured concrete footers) or in-ground around concrete.

2. Pergola Size and Style? We specify the size of our pergolas by center to center dimensions of the posts. Ours are defined by 2 numbers - the first number is the Width x the second number Projection (depth) So a 16'x 12' would be 16' (width) by 12' (projection). Our sizes are based on center to center dimensions of the posts! (most companies are measuring the the lengths of the rafters and pergola end caps for the dimension - not USAVinyl!) We have The Bradenton™ Double Beam Vinyl Pergolas and The Weston™ Single Beam Vinyl Pergolas. The Bradenton™ has been engineered and certified to meet the Florida Building Code (SBC 2007), ASCE 7-05 minimum design loads for buildings and other structures. The Bradenton™ will withstand snow loads of 4' and sustain wind gusts of up to 140MPH. Make sure you know what the center to center of the post measurements are when comparing us to other companies. We will beat any price for the same quality materials - that is our promise from over 10 years ago!

To see an example diagram of The Bradenton™ double beam freestanding vinyl pergola CLICK HERE to show how width x projection is defined.

3. How are your posts attached? It is very important to have a secure post attachment. You can either install our pergolas on a concrete slab or in the ground.

If you install on concrete, your pergola will come with a concrete mount. If you are installing in the ground, your pergolas will come with longer posts to install in the ground. If you are installing on a deck or framing, you will want to purchase the inground model and make sure the posts are secure, consult a structural engineer if needed.

Remember The Bradenton™ and our vinyl gazebos can be installed to meet 140MPH wind loads and withstand snow loads of 4 Feet! Even if you don’t live in those extreme areas of the world, you can rest assured that you are purchasing the strongest product on the market. Make sure you follow the engineering diagrams to make sure you adhere to the concrete requirements for your posts, if you need to meet the 140MPH wind load and the 4' snow load. Since it is impossible to test all connection options, if you are varying from our standard and need to meet 140MPH wind loads or 4' of snow load, please confirm with an engineer about the connectivity.

4.What about Lighting and other accessories? It is best to think about lighting and other accessories before installation. It will greatly add to your enjoyment and We strongly encourage you to consider adding lighting to your pergola. It will add greatly to your enjoyment and enhance your outdoor experience. You can more easily run and hide wires if using lighting and/or ceiling fans. We also have great solar lights and solar wedge lights. Call us with any questions or if there is something special you need for an accessories, we can help!

Requesting Asistance

Need help? Please don't hesitate to contact us. Vinyl Pergola experts are standing by in our Ohio facility - call 888.743.3673.

Please e-mail your diagram to or draw out a layout and fax it to 1-614-771-4806 - ATTN:USAVINYL.

Include your name, address, fence style and height, and most importantly - your phone number. We will get you a quote fast!