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Purchasing Vinyl Fencing

Purchasing Vinyl Fencing

When purchasing vinyl fencing, appearance and design aren’t the only things that matter. In order to hold up through varying degrees of weather and harsh elements, the vinyl must be strong and durable. Many customers are often concerned with the strength of vinyl fencing, often believing it is not as sturdy as metal or wooden fencing. After purchasing vinyl fencing from larger chain stores, they also feel that it is cheaply made and not a long-lasting, high quality product. Many times this is due to the vinyl extrusions being made outside of the United States. To ensure a high quality product, it is recommended that all fencing parts be made in the U.S.

Purchasing vinyl fencing from USAVinyl is simple, affordable, and easy to install. Depending on preference, customers may want to research each brand to decide what options are right for them. For example, if purchasing the Hampshire vinyl picket fence, there are four different profiles. The posts are 4” x 4”, the bottom rail is 1.5” x 5.5”, the mid rail is 1.75” x 3.5” and the pickets are 7/8” x 3”. A hidden aluminum reinforcement, located in the bottom rail, is also included for added strength. USAVinyl recommends requesting a sample of the fencing before purchasing to ensure satisfaction.

A story from a satisfied customer:

Recently, a customer purchased the Hampshire Scalloped Picket Fence and a major windstorm blew through their property causing a 35” pine tree to fall on their recently purchased vinyl fencing. The fence fell over but stayed perfectly intact and was not damaged by the tree. The customer was pleased that he did not have to replace any of the fence pieces; instead he simply put them back together.