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Weatherables 2012 Top 20 Family Blogs

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The third and final post in our Top 20 series, are the family bloggers. Full of great heart-warming stories, great projects, and fun relaxing reads, all of these blogs should make it on everyone’s must read list. Read on below to find our Top 20 Family Blogs of 2012, but before you do, make sure you’ve cleared your calendar, because once you start, you won’t want to stop!

1. Joanna Goddard’s lifestyle blog, A Cup of Jo, captures everything from parenting and relationships to style and travel. Her conversational voice and engaging posts make her blog a treat, especially as readers daydream about joining Joanna. You’ll instantly love her stories about her husband, Alex, and her son, Toby. She'll leave you waiting for the next post.

2. Bunny and Dolly is written by PJ Feinstein, a military wife and first-time mom living in Nebraska. She shares snippets from daily life with her 13-month old son, Levi, along with family-oriented recommendations and tips. PJ’s blog is beautifully designed and her photos will have you looking for a baby photographer or a new DSLR within days.

3. Want to know what it’s like to combine two households (with three kids total) and a giant dog? In Beauty and the BikerAlaina Shearer, the popular mom blogger behind Ms. Single Mama, and her husband Seth Gray are sharing a behind-the-scenes look at the trials and tribulations of their blended family. Keep an eye out for snapshots of their bike, home, and travels, too.

4. Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood with a dash of pop culture and vintage flair—Leigh Pennebaker’s Marvelous Kiddo covers all this and more. This blog features anecdotes from Leigh’s daily life as a mom, but it also asks readers to chime in on breastfeeding, babywearing, and other crucial topics that parents are seeking answers to.

5. How do you juggle parenting, a career, your relationship, and fitness? Kimi of A Slice of Kiwi shows us her take on it! An avid runner with an active toddler named Miles and two dogs, we can only imagine how busy she must be. Check out her family cookouts, vacations, and occasional beauty posts for inspiration on balancing it all.

6. Jenny Rosenstrach shaped the way many of us approach dinner with her blog, Dinner: A Love Story. After documenting her dinners for years, from courtship and marriage to the parenting years, Jenny makes dinner a family thing. With a focus on rituals, creating a food culture for our children, and establishing quick, easy routines for those busy nights, we can learn a lot about combining our love for meals and our love for our families from Jenny’s recipes and stories.

7. With laugh-out-loud funny stories about daily life, Robin’s Chicks reminds us to find humor in the mundane—especially in the craziness of running a household of three children and one husband. You’ll find yourself relating to Robin, realizing you’re not alone in the parenting journey, and maybe even grabbing some tissues from laughing too hard.

8. There’s something about Rebekah Gough’s A Bit of Sunshine that will make you start looking on the bright side. Not just a parenthood blogger, Rebekah also blogs about design, creativity, photography, and dating her husband. She’s a busy mom of four who captures the beauty of everyday life in Seattle. Her inspiring DIY tutorials are great for adults and kids alike.

9. You might come for Mandy’s beautiful photography, but you’ll stay for the stories. A Sorta Fairytale follows a work-at-home entrepreneurial mom of two. Mandy shows what it’s like to care for a family of four, run her photography business, and style their home with grace.

10. The Paper Mama is a great mix of craftiness, creativity, and parenting, all wrapped into one blog. Chelsey’s blog brings in fun tales of life with her husband Mike, their daughter Ruari, and their dog and two cats. Another avid photographer, Chelsey shares photo challenges and inventive DIY projects too.

11. “Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?” Melissa of Hi Baby. is a busy woman who loves capturing the day-to-day moments when she isn’t running around after three little girls or studying to become a doula. On top of that, she’s pregnant with a fourth! With a fresh, friendly voice, Melissa shares with us a glimpse into her life.

12. With a subtitle that reads “a happily crafted life,” Dandee features the kinds of activities we aspire to do. Date nights, camping, and play school are some of the few ideas Danyelle has come up with. A mom of five living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Danyelle is good at reminding us to take pleasure in our lives.

13. Gabrielle Blair, a graphic designer, is the author and editor of an aptly titled blog, Design Mom. This mother of six currently resides with her family in a rural French farmhouse, where she blogs about design, motherhood, and life as an ex-pat. You may find yourself wondering why you haven’t packed up and headed for Europe, too, as you read along with her many adventures.

14. From Boston to North Carolina, Dina of Honey & Fitz chronicles everything from first-time parenthood to flea market finds. Her mission is to create a home full of love for her family, and her posts will inspire you to start curating your life with love and passion.

15. Kelle’s blog, Enjoying the Small Things, will captivate you from the moment you read the story of her second daughter, Nella. Her eloquent prose about the struggles of raising a baby with Down syndrome while running a business and raising three other children will build your compassion.

16. The Haps is a blog that lays it all out right in front of you. From a post of honest frustration over a popular song (and its implications) to thrifting for adorable children’s outfits, Mandy chronicles her toddler Harper’s antics and much, much more with humor, sarcasm, and candor.

17. Taza’s Rockstar Diaries tracks the ups and downs of marriage, friendships, and of course parenting. With two young kids, Taza and her husband manage to keep the whimsy of urban life alive and well, as they relocate back to New York City. Stop by to check out tales from their travels.

18. The Anderson Family Crew follows the daily lives of Emily Anderson, her husband, and their six children. A few kids short of a real life Cheaper by the Dozen, the Anderson crew is full of just as many hijinks, and heart-warming stories. A lover of photography, Emily’s posts are full of images of her family and all the stuff they get up to. Read along and find yourself wrapped up in this great family – oh and you’ll pick up some pretty great, kid-oriented projects along the way!

19. Lovely Little Whimsy follows Carina, Nick, and the daily lives of their three children. Stories about their family abound – from their weekly baking projects (yes there are recipes!) to following Carina and Nick as they embark down the path to adoption. Whimsy is an excellent, fun read for anyone.

20. Written by Amanda Soule (and sometimes her husband, Steve), SouleMama is all about the Soule family and their life in western Maine. This family of seven inspires all of Amanda’s writing, including this blog and three books to boot! Full of love and imagination, SouleMama is a fantastic read!