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Why Vinyl Fencing Beats Wood and Metal

Why Vinyl Fencing Beats Wood and Metal

If you are looking to enclose your yard, your home, or your pool, then you likely know how many options are available to you in terms of fencing. Long before you make it to the plethora of shapes and styles out there, you are first encountered with a simpler problem- what building material to choose. Metal, wood, and vinyl are by far the most common choices, but which one is going to be right for your space and your budget. Here we will examine just why vinyl is the clear winner in this choice.

In order to understand the benefits of vinyl fencing, it is important to understand the drawbacks of other options. Metal fencing can be incredibly cost prohibitive, but this is not the only potential flaw. Metal fencing also has a strong tendency to rust over time. If you live in an area with severe weather or if you have kids who have a tendency to climb on things, it is also important to know that many metal fences will bend and warp when subjected to repeated or heavy weight. Replacing these fences often means replacing the entire fence.

With wooden fences, the downfalls are different. Wood is certainly cheaper than vinyl, but it also requires significantly more maintenance. Wood must be frequently cleaned and treated and can fare incredibly poorly in areas that are often wet or that have frequent severe weather. Areas with severe heat are also bad places for wooden fencing, and painted fences must often be repainted frequently in order to maintain their appearance and to help keep the wood below the paint protected against the elements. Termites can also prove problematic for wooden fence owners, especially those living in heavily wooded areas.

With vinyl fencing, however, homeowners are able to avoid these pitfalls. Vinyl does not rust and is incredibly simple to clean. Because it is slightly flexible, it is also much more resistant to severe weather. Maintenance is almost nonexistent with vinyl fencing, and it can offer an aesthetic look that is almost identical to wood. When you are looking for the fencing option that will provide the best durability and that will offer the lowest costs over its lifetime, vinyl is by far the best option, and when you are looking for a fence with long term aesthetic appeal, there is certainly no better material or choice available to you.